Boots meal deal

Haven’t had one of these for a while, but MIGHT do today.

any recent intel, @jordan_229?

Load of shite mate. Been having a dispute about their quality with a colleague recently.

I still reckon it’s the best value for money meal deal…the standard of sandwich/wrap isn’t great (but all chilled sandwiches taste like fridges imo), but their snack/drink range is unbeatable

Always a bit disappointed with the crisp selection tbh

Got one in my bag for on the train in a mo. 1 ltr evian, chicken triple and 14 chewing gums (spearmint)


They’ve got loads of those fancy looking “baked” things?

Tbf, I just get jelly each time

Yeah, I think you’re probably right. Always disappointed in their sandwiches/wraps.

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Jealous of people with better crisps? Me too, wonton. Me too.


Haven’t worked there for ages, don’t think I’ve had more than a couple since tbh

If you were that invested you would surely just go somewhere that includes better crisps as part of a meal deal?

I genuinely love jelly

Normally make my own sandwiches - on the rare occasions I don’t, tend to go to the wrap man on the market or Pret. But Boots is undeniably cheap, so tempted to go today…


You want premium crisps you have to pay a premium price

Also, I quite fancy one of them blue drinks.

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Not sure Aftershock is included in the meal deal?



Are the people who make that colourblind? That’s blatantly purple.

lil baby ice cream tubs are allegedly avaliable in the meal deal according to sabz at work

Can anyone confirm or deny?

The smoked ham and egg club sandwich at Boots might be the best meal deal sandwich out there. But as a whole, considering it’s what, a quid more than the Tesco meal deal? Not really worth it imo.

Much prefer a Vit*Hit myself…either Apple/Kiwi or Dragonfruit

Green > Blue > Orange

Anyone let me know if you disagree and we can arrange a time and place for an asskicking