Booze that has made you throw up

ever thrown up after drinking something particularly expensive?

what terribly cheap shit made you throw up as a teen?

definitely strongbow :nauseated_face:

once threw up on the floor of my room in uni halls after drinking loads of old tom (8.5% ale) and 70% strength absinthe

my mate worked in a posh cocktail bar in angel, keira knightley was in there one time. there was also a night when some wanker banker turned up and purchased a £28 shot of tequila for the woman he was chirpsing… she necked it, then immediately threw up everywhere :rofl:

Tia Maria

Abhorrent stuff.


tequila’ll make me puke every time

just the smell



Worst two were
Gin when I was about 15, still cant touch it now
Homemade mulled wine at uni


Got bought one of those horror drinks on my 21st: bottle of some alcopop, served in a pint glass, topped up with a random selection of shots from the top shelf. Necked as much as I could and then threw up out of a window - well, I thought the window was open but it was in fact shut.




Looking back, it was some awful bants for my mates to buy me this when I was already hammered.

For a mate’s 16th we went down to a park somewhere and some of the populars from the year above came too. We had a few cans of Fosters each but as someone had brought tequila we had a few shots of that afterwards, it was rank obviously but I wanted to impress the cool people. After a while I started swigging from the bottle as it had probably burnt my tastebuds off by that point. At some point I puked and a lot of it went on the coolest kid’s shoes.

At 5pm my friend’s dad came to pick us up and he couldn’t stop laughing at me.


Bloody hell :smiley:


5pm final line is a great payoff here :ok_hand:


Was 17. Found a pub that would serve us. Drank 8 pints of stella (back when it was 5.2%, classic) and ended up throwing up all over my bedroom floor carpet

Those six pints of strongish ale at my first Fenino.

Well probably the fifth or sixth.


Vodka. Went into Revs (I know!) once on an empty stomach and had a rack of shots and felt fine so had another and then it hit me like a tonne of bricks. Threw up between the cushions of a sofa because my drunk brain thought it was more polite than throwing up on the floor.

My journey to teetotalism was basically a systematic elimination of drinks I could stomach as a result of throwing up after each of them.


I drank what felt like most of a bottle of Jack daniels at a scout camp once and that was one of the only times I’ve been sick whilst drunk. Loads better than being sick and hungover.

That was also the most elaborate rouse I was involved in as a teenager as we somehow managed to get a cabin in the woods although we weren’t scouts, have no adult supervision, create official looking school letters to our parents informing them of this “school trip” for the weekend, and get them to pay us money for it so we could buy booze.


same with ginj

had a horrible experience off it and now even the smell makes me retch

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All I remember from the car journey back home was my head lolling on the back of the seat (no headrests) saying “ahhhh I feel so shit…oh shit Emma, I just swore in front of your dad”. He thought it was hilarious and didn’t tell my parents, which I’m eternally grateful for.


Drank some homemade chilli vodka. Threw that up a little while later and let me tell you, that shit BURNS.

Can’t go near rose wine now. Drank too much of it when I was very young and threw up in my friend’s aunt’s baking tray as it was the only thing I could find.

She was not pleased. I was 15 ffs!


Some people on my bus recently opened a couple of those cans of G&T and I had to move

One of the first times I got drunk was on straight Glen’s vodka and I don’t remember much but I do remember the next day puking up yellow bile (as there was nothing in my stomach I guess) into the cat litter tray (I don’t know why this was)