Fully prepared for this to turn into one of those threads that winds me the fuck up, but let’s see.

Also, sorry if this is a sore subject for anyone. If you’ve had/have problems with alcohol, sorry to hear that. You are exempt from anything said in this thread, probably.

How do we all feel about alcomohol? I’ve done the usual: drank socially as soon as I could, used to get pretty pissed, especially at uni, but am now at the point where

a) I don’t particularly enjoy it
b) Can’t really afford it (a hefty night out that is. Would much rather spend the money elsewhere)
c) I don’t like how people I generally like get when pissed

I will now – when I can – drive to places, just so I have the excuse not to drink.

Last weekend we had our band Christmas meal. A few of us were staying at someone’s house. We got a taxis there and back so that we could all drink, which cost a total of £70. Drink at the venue was expensive, and I didn’t feel like drinking, so I ended up staying sober and having a great evening, but a little irked at spending so much on taxis. When we got back to their house, everyone else was pissed and just veering past the point of amusing ribbing to being a bit nasty to each other. I’d been put in the living room with some girl, who told me she wasn’t particularly comfortable sharing (no issue with me, just generally), so I opted to drive home.

I think it’s a combination of realising I enjoy myself more when sober, enjoy not spending too much money, and dislike other people when they’re pissed. I also don’t like the idea that friends need to be pissed to have a good time together, that’s just a bit weird to me.

How do we all feel? (again, I’ve not put an option for ‘I drink too much and am aware I have a problem’)

  • I don’t drink at all
  • I enjoy drinking but don’t get rat-arsed
  • It’s not a good night unless I’ve at least slightly pissed
  • I drink a lot

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Feel like I’m becoming a massive square, from the past.

Like beer and whisky, don’t like the feeling of being pissed. It’s annoying.


I drink frequently but rarely to excess. Except on Fridays. And Saturdays. And usually at least one evening a week.


That said, it can be fun to get twatted with the Fenino crew/other top ATDs occasionally. But only a few times a year.

Probably 90% from column B and 10% from column C.

I enjoy drinking and I’d say there are probably maybe three or four nights a year where I’ll drink enough to have a hangover the next day. (Two of those are usually Feninos). But I guess it depends on your definition of rat-arsed. Drunk and in good spirits? Yep. Drunk and in a fucking state? Not so much.

EDIT: basically the same as Epimer then

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This is literally exactly what led to me stopping with an added dose of “increased self-loathing at my seeming inability to enjoy a thing that everyone else is loving”

It’s probably the best decision I’ve made for my sense of self-worth of the last decade.

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Though I drink more often than I should, the entirety of the OP hits home in ways I’m not gonna get into on here.

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Don’t drink anymore at home as it affects MrS mood a lot, plus he is trying to lose weight. I might have the odd glass if we go out for dinner or something.

Don’t miss it really, might have some Bailey’s over Christmas.

I enjoy drinking, the social side of it and going out in general. If you don’t enjoy it it’s no biggie is it? just go out and don’t drink (obviously not speaking about anyone with issues with it here) If i’m driving early i won’t drink and still have a good time.


been enjoying it less and less i think, but still will drink far too much whenever i go out


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In my younger days was a massive binge drinker - I’d barely remember all of a night out but then never really would drink in between nights out. Now I have the odd drunken night out but will happily go to the pub without drinking. Could easily give up drinking now and not notice. Properly annoys me that I have such good control over alcohol but not food.


Exactly this. Insanely disciplined with booze, eat anything that’s not nailed down.


Picked “I enjoy drinking but don’t get rat-arsed”.

Which is kind of true: I do have a bit of a history / habit of binge-drinking and blacking out which is obviously terrible, as its affected some personal relationships which is very bad. Don’t particularly like being drunk and hangovers are horrendous, but there’s that 4-5 pint buzz which is just lovely and occasionally I will cross it and the consequences are normally horrific and result in me wanting to quit drinking in order for it to stop.

But the flip side of that is I cannot imagine not drinking :confused: which is probably baaaad.

I enjoy drinking a lot - love a good stout, ale, beer, wine, whiskey, tequila, rum, a lot of cocktails (cuba libre, mojito, white russian).

Used to drink in a deranged manner in my early 20s but now binge drinking makes me feel nauseuous. Have mellowed into wanting to have 2-6 drinks on a night and feel pleasant. Also love a beer when I’m cooking / beer or wine with a meal / couple of drinks on a night in to help me relax. Absolutely in control of it and if a few weeks pass without having a drink I never notice.

I’m the complete opposite, will drink instead of eat. Can appreciate this is due to my own body issues.

Holy hell though the 2 day hangovers. In my youth I used to get 4 hours sleep and then do a 7 hour shift on a sunday :confused:


I rarely drink these days - maybe a pint or two at a gig or a few more at a special occasion. I was never a big drinker anyway, and I’m perfectly happy to go out for ‘drinks’ but not actually have any alcohol.

I like ale, but I’m not too fussed about the lack of subtlety in most new craft beers. I like a good gin and a good whisky, red wine or port, and will happily drink these if offered.

I didn’t drink from the age of 18-21?
Then I drank too much.
Now I prefer to have a few glasses of wine on a Friday and Saturday.
I HATE being drunk.
I HATE being even a tiny bit hungover.
I still feel so rough after just having a few glasses of wine on WEDNESDAY.

But some booze is so yummy and I get carried away quite easily.

So in summary, I dunno

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Also I’m way too tired to go out drinking these days.
If I have 2 drinks, i’m yawning and I wanna go home.
Also HUNGER. Get very hungry.

Flip side to that is that I have some kind of honing mechanism that I can know where my closest McDonalds is and it’s opening hours.


I like the taste of pretty much all of the alcoholic drinks depending on what mood I’m in and I like being a little buzzed and having a laugh. But I don’t like when I cross the line into being actually drunk, again that depends on mood, sometimes I just go with it. Never like being absolutely blotto.

Really can’t be arsed with the hangovers but the older I’m getting I am absolutely certain to wake up in the middle of the night with awful heartburn and that’s even worse. Red Wine is the worst and actually the drink I like the most. Just getting old, eh?

I have reached a good compromise with booze. I know the tipping point beyond which the returns are diminishing i.e. after the first 2 or 3 drinks. I do sometimes go on to have a few more (if the occasion requires it) but I think I have a healthy relationship with alcohol now.