Same, same.

Let’s go drinking meow.

That McDonalds shutting in Moorgate has thrown a HUGE spanner into the works for my post booze food.
Now I have to get off the train at Highbury & Islington and then get back on with McDonalds :smiley:

YES to boozing!

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Dont go out drinking much these days, which is definitely a good thing for me, as I’m a bad drunk. Get properly drunk maybe 5-10 times a year i guess, but I’m a lot better at not doing stupid stuff like deciding ‘im not drunk enough!’ and ordering a bonus whisky for myself when getting a round in.

Drink 4 strong belgian beers on friday and saturday night which is enough to give me a buzz, but not too pissed/no hangover.

Once or twice a week, and rarely more than 3pints max.

I’m also careful not to drink when i’m tired, as that’s usually a guarantee i’ll have a rubbish night’s sleep and will lose the next day to feeling shit.

Don’t get drunk often, but drink far too regularly. I’m actually about to go for a pint now. So much nice beer about - I find it difficult to resist. I just love going to pubs, and love nice beer.

Having a massive hangover as a parent just doesn’t really work, and the guilt you experience just makes it horrible, so proper large ones are a thing of the past nowadays.

Solidarity here.

The best boozing is at home IMO.
In PJs, under a blanket, make up off so I can fall into bed after.


Certainly. And even better if there’s plenty of snacks in the cupboard too.

Oh theres ALWAYS snacks. I pretend I’m in Italy and I put on an aperitivo.
Got my aperol spritz, some crisps, a dip of some sort, olives etc.


One bottle of malbec while making and eating tapas on a Saturday night, then go to bed an hour earlier than we would on a weekday night. :ok_hand:

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I enjoy drinking and do it regularly


Ditto. Kind of. I haven’t been drunk for two and a half years or so. Didn’t drink at all for a half that time then had a holiday beer one time to show I could just have the one only (yeah, rock n roll huh) and now may have a glass of wine or bit of beer/cider whenever I feel like it, which is very rare these days. I used to binge drink like a loon before all this, loved being drunk, loved the nights out being wasted, but absolutely hated the hangovers and mental breakdown for the days after it. Still go out to gigs, parties, socials, blah blah, still have fun but the thrill of getting wasted has passed now, but I won’t ever rule it out forever.

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I enjoy drinking but usually reach a point where I’ve had enough and would rather just go and get something to eat. Annoyingly this always seems to be a good few hours before my friends make the same decision. Have also had the disturbing realisation that I’m getting a bit bored with the taste of beer

Enjoy drinking, enjoy the taste, enjoy being pleasantly drunk.

I absolutely hate being hungover though and that’s become more and more frequent. I’ve had a couple of recent episodes when I’ve spent the next morning throwing up after not that much booze, so have started to mostly only have halves now.

I used to binge pretty much every weekend going to the match. I’ve moved away, so all day sessions are few and far between now, but I’ve started to fill a little with dread whenever I’m home and out with everyone. There’s not a chance I’ll feel comfortable/enjoy taking it easy while they’re on all kinds of other stuff.

I wish we’d just go out for a nice scran instead, to be honest.

Do love drinking. My ideal week’s drinking goes something like this:
Wednesday - have a nice glug (a double) of whisky at home
Friday - bottle of delicious red either at home or over dinner
Saturday - 5/6 pints out with some friends or something.

Still what I would class as ‘too much’ but very much on the ‘not rat-arsed’ side of things. Problem is I spent my 20s drinking very heavily and thus my friendship circles tend to revolve around boozing. This means that more regularly than I’d like (probably once a month) I end up getting very pissed. I’m a very good drunk so it’s not a problem but probably about a quarter of these times leech into “made a twat of yourself” pissed which I’m keen to avoid the older I get.

So yeah gradually getting more restrained with booze but kinda get sucked into more proper sessions than I’d like these days.

Oh yeah should probably mention that I keep a weekly spreadsheet of booze units. Started it this year. Plan is to keep it under 30 units a week on average but currently stuck at 32.4 or something. Stag dos have a lot to do with that. Often mainline about 60 units on those things so that does throw the average out. Or if I just have a week where I’m out a few times then have a mate’s birthday at the weekend or something. Haven’t gotten drunk the entire time but I’ve had 40+ units!

Aim is to get to < 25 a week by the time I’m 40 and stick to it. Absolutely purely for physical health reasons too. I don’t suffer from any MH issues from boozing (although do get hangover comedowns occasionally) and if I’m hungover I just roll with it and suck it up.

I enjoy drinking, didn’t start until I was about 22 and tend to go for quality over quantity. Like others have said, sometimes (and probably more often than I would like) that slips in to full blown drunkenness but definitely not as often as it used to.

I’ve grown to really dislike being around drunk people and find it really hard when people who are usually great become absolute shitbags after a couple of drinks. Have a friend who becomes a proper aggressive nightmare when they’ve had a few and I just can’t deal with it. Especially when their response to being called out on it is to escalate that behaviour. Urgh.

Self helps for dweeeeeeebs

That good, man. I should do this. But like a lot of people I’m scared about how disgusted I’ll be about what I find.

40+ units in a quiet week. That is crazy but I know i must do it all the time…

Should drink less, but :man_shrugging:

Absolutely no problem with people who don’t drink and despite drinking a lot I pure hate most drunk people/others who drink excessively.

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