Borderline is closing


Never been to Borderline, but of course it’s always sad news when a live music venue closes.

Out of interest, did they ever reopen Madame Jojo’s?


No it’s completely boarded up.


The Social has been saved, which is great.

Heaven is another central London venue that’s still going strong. Obviously sad to see The Borderline closing, but it was always an awful, awful room.

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I think/hope Heaven is slightly different to venues like the Borderline because it has such a strong standing and popular club in the LGBTQ community – hopefully that’ll mean it’s OK for the future.

I’m not a huge fan of the Scala but I do often wonder how safe that is considering Kings Cross is being thoroughly developed at the moment.

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Only went their once, saw Kvelertak and they were ace. Nice little venue, such a shame :frowning:


I didn’t love it either but never good to see any music venue close. Because that’s it - nobody is going to buy a block of flats or a Tesco and turn it into a music venue.

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they will do in iamwiggy’s socialist paradise


Saw a lot of good gigs here over the years but my favourite ever is still Henry from Neighbours circa 1994 or so. I was in London to go and see some band at the Marquee with my mates but didn’t really fancy it so made a drunken decision as we walked past the Borderline to bail out at the last minute in favour of going to see Henry on my own, which made me the winner obviously.

I think he’d just left Greace at the time so not only did we get to hear Mona but there was also a medley of Greace numbers, which went down well as the audience exclusively consisted of middle-aged women swooning over him because he was well dreamy. Afterwards I queued up to get him to meet him and got him to sign my band’s fanzine which made my mates really jealous.

That story is impressive enough I know, but our paths crossed again a couple of years later when I rented out some metal dog cages for a laboratory explosion scene for the BBC smash hit drama Bugs, featuring some women from The Bill, Marcus Tandy from Eldorado and no other than Henry from Neighbours! Even though I didn’t speak to him that time I suspect that he sees us as best mates, and it’s all thanks to the Borderline.


I played the Borderline once and it was one of my favourite ever experiences. Very sad to hear about this.