bored as fuck banal thread

*checks watch*

3 hours to go and i’ve already had my afternoon snack and am over my coffee limit for the day. what the hell am i gonna do for three hours?!

anything to report?

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I’ve done no (0) work today, if that counts.


i did none yesterday, have actually made an effort today but everything i’ve done has been rubbish and i’ll need to redo it tomorrow. not sure which is best.

eating a peanut and caramel brownie


I’ve been reading ‘at the mountains of madness’ but I’m not sure if I can be bothered finishing it.

Otherwise listening to a livity sound playlist

I’m going home in 32 minutes

Which one’s that? HPL all tends to blend into one in my memory.

Show off

It’s the Arctic one that Prometheus butchered

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Nearly got through my first headphoneless day in work in a long time. I keep clicking on videos and getting confused when I can’t hear the sound.

Gonna have another coffee. Only had one so far today on account of not being arsed enough to go to the kitchen.

just eaten my third pain au chocolat of the day


I had my banana I normally save for around 4pm at 2.30. The chocolate machine is looking more and more attractive by the minute.

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Need to refuel the car on the way home and was going to pick up a snack/treat while I’m there but petrol station chocolate will be in no way shape or form fit for consumption in this weather.

Chance they will have chucked a few in the fridge?

Unlikely, then where would they put the 19 different flavours of Monster that they keep in stock at all times?


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Could get some Skittles or something but even they might be melted.

Went out to pick up a prescription. Stopped off to get some bread and cat food on the way back. Home again now, viewing a house at 5. That’s it from me.