Bored? Do this personality test and post your results

Yeah, we all know it’s silly and etc, but whatever.

I just did it and apparently I’m a super extrovert little ray of sunshine. This was a surprise to me.



Same old INTP as always. Possibly the worst option of the 16.

I had to do this for work a couple of months ago. I’m INFP as well.

Or - The Mediator.

Which is a fucking chuckle.

One letter different- Thinking rather than feeling. The “Architect”. The nearest I’ve been is some lego.


aka Art Vandelay

What do all the different letters in all the different abbreviations stand for please


Ah yeah, my mistake.

Sounds about right

Introverted vs Extroverted
i Ntuitive vs Sensing (ie are you more down to earth or abstract)
Thinking vs Feeling
Perceiving vs Judging (ie how structured and controlled you are)

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Never bothered with this before, apparently I am INFP. Not sure that’s quite right, but who am I to argue with science.

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i’m feeling so damn turbulent right now, are you?

I’m this


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Virtuoso sounds pretty cool


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Can’t say I agree, I was answering thinking the whole time ‘I must going through a real rough patch in my life’ the whole way through. Adventurer seems to go against all my core principles at the moment as a reserved anxious person


Yeah! ISTJ club!

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I used to give kids the MBTI test (not as any kind of binding thing, just a class that had it as a fun activity).INFJ was given as the type of both Ghandi and Hitler.

(I nearly said starsign then)