Bored of My Money UK?

Let’s take a look at a Swiss family:

(it was so boring I couldn’t get through it all but you might be able to?)

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Alright, challenge accepted.


Oh god bus concessions, I’m struggling

It’s a fucking toughy.

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Haven’t read it but the picture looks like that woman is holding Julia Louia Dreyfus’s face in front of her own.

They sound like utter cunts (haven’t read it)

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I made it.

Having kids/Switzerland sounds awful, if I’m honest.

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pretty sure the constant, never ending barrage of articles on budgets, detailing how fucked all our lives are, is one of the worst things about late stage capitalism.


no offence.

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Look you can still get out for a wine and a pot of houmous on a Thursday (oh god I can’t!).


weekly sunday cook-up

Make your own wine at home from slightly different hummus.

I found this quite sinister

‘To help learn French I play in a French-speaking orchestra which is a slower way to learn’

Bonjour! Je m’ap

parp parp

Ou est le biblio…




Bienvenue a la hotel Belgique. il ya tu oeuf dure, mons-


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“Excuse-moi madame, ou est votre passport?”
points gun Madame, votre passport!”


i was expecting this to be mental or something but it was mind numbing. switzerland sounds legit awful.

That’s really dull and I couldn’t bring myself to read it all.

Also seems a bit pointless, because I imagine most people’s main expenses go out straight out of their account on the first of the month, leaving some for groceries and day-to-day living, but not representative of what it actually costs to live in the Confoederatio Helvetica.

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