Bored of My Money UK?

yeah, not really sure why people are thinking Switzerland sounds awful from this article?

barely any swiss-specific stuff here as far as I can tell. Sounds horribly tedious, because budgeting/most of our daily routines ARE horribly tedious when written down.

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Switzerland is not in Belgium by the way.

been to Switzerland more often than Belgium now.

I’m a personal shopper in Geneva

I bought my first porn mag in Geneva.

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no, I bought it for you

I only wanted the Beano…


Balonz is picked up early this morning to play lacrosse with a French-speaking family. We teach each other languages then I buy him a porn mag and I drop him at the train station. (CHF 8.45)


Don’t encourage her, jeez. She’ll be budgeting for hours!

unser dankeschön für ihren einkauf

My pleasure

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I like Maura.

Looking for Simon Spilak?

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I didn’t make it that far.

I started to buy lots of drills

Then the next month I didnt buy any drills and I noticed my monthly expenditure had decreased

Allowing me to use that money to buy a big wall


Could have sworn it was Suranne Jones at first glance.

My biggest take home from that article is that petrol seems to be free in Switzerland.

Also if you pride yourself on catering for yourself with one weekly shop, but then run out of bread and eggs then you’re shit at it.

"The splurge this week was the drink with my husband and a nice lunch on Saturday. "

Some people really live for hedonism don’t they.

Do you ‘get’ Dril?


I can’t agree. She goes to quite some lengths to describe her various savings on more obvious transport costs. She clearly sees them as discretionary purchases, as opposed to her own car which is baked in as a staple necessity. It’s not like it wouldn’t be simple to make a basic calculation of the cost.