Boring and probably very rudimentary phone internet question

Why does my phone insist the wifi is saved or disabled rather than connecting

I’m literally using it now on another device, it’s fine

Do I need to shower the cunt with the force of a thousand rices?


My ability to post important internet comments is not-very at stake here people

have you tried forgetting the wifi and then reconnecting to it?

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Sadly yes, it does not forgive when it forgets, it only saves.

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in that case this link may help:

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have you tried forgetting the wifi and doing something else?

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You sure you didn’t type the wrong password on your phone like some massive spanner?


I can’t just run around here forgetting everything

Of course I’m not sure of that, but multiple times? PAH UNLIKELY

I have neither advice or a humourous quip.

only one thing for it, mate



Rice: Saved


This is cruel.


Don’t be, he’s been nothing but a harridan and a distraction for my quest to get back on idk, google maps

Good point. He’s a lost cause, like you are without idk, google maps


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If you’re trying to turn this into a map puns thread then I’ve got to say you’re going the right way about it.

I just don’t want to be left behind