Boring cases of good luck

The store cupboard for the office has four buttons on it which are used to unlock it.

One of my workmates said he knew what the code was and that it was actually quite simple but wouldn’t tell us what it was.

Later, I pushed 4444 on the handle and it was the right combination. First guess. First time.

I can’t describe how happy this made me. I now have access to the store cupboard.

Yesterday I saw we were out of toilet paper so I only bloody went and got some. The power’s gone to my head.


Had a delivery of kitchenware the other day. I went through it and ticked it all off, priced it etc except for some travel mugs which I remembered seeing when I unloaded the delivery but couldn’t find. We all looked and looked for them, couldn’t find the anywhere so I rang the company and got a credit for the missing travel mugs.
Today I was walking past the kitchenware section, and happened to randomly push the swing lid of a kitchen bin. There were… the travel mugs of course! So now we’ve got 12 free travel mugs and I know I wasn’t imagining things. Not sure if this is luck or my own incompetence paying off for once. Cheers.


The other day, I left the office a little bit later than I should have and I thought I was going to miss the train I was aiming to catch. The train was about 4 minutes late though, so I made it in time.


that’s an amazing guess!

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why were the travel mugs in the bin?

Because theyre rubbish! Some chump at the suppliers had put them in there to save space I guess

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I got a letter from the Building Society the a few weeks ago saying I needed to move to a new mortgage deal as my current one expires at the end of the year

I put off calling them until today - and in the meantime the rates have all changed a bit and I got a slightly better rate than I would have done if I had called them straightaway

Procrastination pays off people