Boring Chromebook/laptop guidance


Wife needs a basic laptop for writing. Any recs? Seriously, all needs is a keyboard and access to the Internet. And maybe a headphone port.


Have you considered a second hand iPad with a keyboard?

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I’ve had an Acer c720 for 3 years or so, would recommend.

it’s never showed any signs of slowing down… boots in seconds, really well built, the battery lasts all day & ive spilt tea on it a bunch of times without it exploding. screen isnt very bright though.

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Bought my wife one of those neocore tablets. Pretty fast android tablet, stuck android version of MS Office on it and bought a ÂŁ20 bluetooth keyboard. Has a headphone port.

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Yeah tablet with a keyboard would probably do it but if it’s more of a laptop thing that’s needed you could check Lenovo as their laptops seem good. Not sure what their cheap level version is like, though.


Gf got a £280 Acer Chromebook about a year and a half ago and it’s been fine for internet browsing etc and isn’t slow and frustrating to use. That’s now my mental cap on how much you need to spend on that kind of device (probably less).

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Not interested in a tablet, wife is set on the laptop form factor. Cheers though

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I got a chromebook for less then two hundo a good few years back. So long as she never needs anything other than writing and internet facilities a chromeboom would be perfect - cheap, quick to load, super lightweight, great battery life. Mine lasted 4 years before the screen randomly conked out but tbh I didn’t treat it all that well. As a writing and streaming machine I just about served it’s purpose. Only downside was I had to use spotify via the web browser which never worked properly on it. Many chromebooks do allow you to download apps from the Google Play store now though.


Chromebooks arent a thing anymore right?


Of course they are




I legit thought they got phased out due to dwindling sales

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You’re thinking of google glass :wink:


weren’t they far and away the biggest selling laptop on amazon for ages?
looks like 5 of the top 20 are still chromebooks

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in a similar situation earlier this year, flatmate recommended the Microsoft Surface Go w/ keyboard. Really liking it so far. Functions well but has the memory needed to install basic apps that a chromebook doesn’t have.


This seems excellent if a little out of the originally planned budget. Might float the idea.


The new chromebooks have the Google play store and so can run any android apps, you can get word excel etc with nearly full functionality. They’re pretty useful imo


This list is good (although the prices are in dollars) the Lenovo and Dell ones would probably be perfect.

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Ah ok, I got mine about four years ago and it might have just been my model. Really like it for what it was and the price, good servant :+1: