Boring coffee audit



how many coffees :coffee: have you had today?

  • :coffee:
  • :coffee: :coffee:
  • :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: or more
  • erm EXCUSE ME but i only drink tea

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will you have more today?

  • yes
  • no
  • shut up

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based on these answers, i will decide whether to have a third coffee or not. thank you for your participation.


Normally only have one coffee a day, but I had two this morning and need to go somewhere later, and they sell coffee and I’ll probably get one while waiting for mr pn.





Two a day. Three at weekends.

Need to stay awake for the important things


that’s rather regimented. do you ever just “go wild” and have three on a tuesday?


ok i’ll have another, thanks guys



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I’ve tried to cut back to two a day during the week then maybe three or four a the weekend. I space out the cups during the week with peppermint tea.


alright, nebbie


Haha, so you don’t impose any self control over your caffeine intake? :slight_smile:


i’ve cut down from my peak coffee days but no, i have no self-control


2 a day, morning only.

Except when I have a noon meeting and I’m offered a coffee (as per today)


How are we counting a coffee here? I had a big travel mug of black filter coffee, is that the same as one espresso?


don’t be that guy


travel mug WANKER


this doesn’t square with your “_________________ is bad for the environment” shtick


please elaborate


I’m just saying, I reckon the volume of coffee I consumed would easily count as two normal mugs of coffee, if I’d apportioned it out that way.




I dunno, just didn’t seem like you.

Onwards though, @hip_young_gunslinger clearly is a travel mug wanker