Boring consumer advice thread - desk chair

Need a better desk chair, mine is killing my back. Any recos

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My current one is ikea and I hate it with my life.

But it isn’t this ikea one. The plot thickens

Basically just looked for one as close to the ones work had in the office for consistency. Think as long as you adjust it at the various places it will be good

Got it from here who think mainly supply offices

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Did a fair bit of research on this in lockdown because work were offering me 200 quid towards one. Got this in the end and happy with it:


Am also in the market for one - the one I’ve got is nice, but it’s really low down which annoys me!

I’ve got this too, it’s very good

bought a fairly cheap one in lockdown, found it uncomfortable, went back to using the kitchen chair

now use the desk chair as a sort of coffee table