Boring Credit Score Thread



Is it possible to max your credit score just from using a couple of cards and paying them off properly/in a timely fashion. I want a perfect score but despite no ‘red flags’ and a heap of green ones on clearscore I’m still not there. Why not? Do I need to start buying BIG things with a cc and pay them off? I don’t understand.

Any lifehacking advice pls? Or whatever it’s called?


I was in a similar position a few years back and although I had a credit card I never used it.
If you have one just start using it for small things (like if you buy stuff from amazon or paypal) and set up a direct debit (or always pay it off on time). That way you won’t get sting by interest or large amounts coming out you’d forgotten about.



Oh that bit i’ve done, I’m on ‘very good’, but i can’t seem to get it to a full 700 (cs) or 850 (experian) and it’s pissing me off


Don’t worry about it


i’m in mortgage mode. just want the best deal


don’t think that’s gonna help is it?

it’s stuff like LTV and all that absolute guff


I’ve had the mortgages and never known my score


doesn’t it affect your interest rates?


i don’t think so


999 is the maximum on Experian uh oh :open_mouth:

I don’t know the circumstances where an excellent score is required. I guess very few or none


oh disregard then everyone. thnx niki


well i mean it might, but i’ve never ever been told that

i was under the impression that pretty much everything for a mortgage relies on your ltv rate

so the more deposit you have, the better rate you’re gonna get




The bank cancelled my credit card because I wasn’t using it enough
Which I thought was a bit off of them tbqh


yeah they do that. it’s irksome.


yeah @plasticniki is right @xylo it’s mostly LTV and not having a total shanner of a score. and also having a constant job or account or whatever that will help you. we struggled to get a mortgage prior to getting my probation period over, and now we’re holding off cause of loads of things.


thanks buddy. it sounds as though all is good. i’m only just getting my head around buying and have been going between excitement and paranoia


yeah, probation is a thing as well

this is all reminding me that the tenants in the flat we are supposed to be buying still haven’t left (they had a court order to leave on friday)



kill them?