Boring housing question


Asking for a friend, obviously.

If you live with your partner in a rented flat, and then they move out back to their parents after your relationship ends, would you expect them to keep paying their share of rent and bills (electric, council tax etc) until you’ve sorted a new place?


Would depend on who ended the relationship I guess.


depends on both people’s individual financial situation, but yeah, would probably want a little bit of bunce (not half though) for 1 month, 2 at the very most


Depends on if we moved in together at the same time, or one joined the other.


Let’s say (for the sake of argument) it was the same time.


Just start mailing bills to the parents


Are both people on the tenancy agreement?




Well then yeah, they’re legally on the hook for it.

In practical / emotional terms, I guess it’s a different matter though.


I’d consider this to be one of those life scenarios where you might have to wipe your mouth a bit. Obviously whether one partner has wronged the other might have an effect, but even if not, soak it up and move on. You could have a new flatmate within a week if you put your mind to it.


Aye. It’s more the bills that are the issue I think


I think it would probably be reasonable to expect a month’s rent, or whatever the notice period is for the tenancy.

Of course, if you’ve been a dick and she’s walked out because of that, then you’re probably pushing it a bit far to ask.





Depends on the situation. Got a great story about this,

I lived with my ex for 6 months with the understanding that I was going to be living abroad for 6 months for the second half of the lease. The rent was about £105 a week so a lot for one student to cover but this was what we had agreed and he was insistent that he didnt want to have housemates.

I broke up with him because he wouldn’t come visit me and wanted to go on holiday with his friends instead, and wouldn’t download skype or buy a webcam/microphone or whatever so we basically stopped talking (plus loads of other things to do with his general selfishness and immaturity).

anyway, he took it really badly and guilt tripped me into giving him several hundred pounds to cover some of the rent from when I hadn’t been living there, saying his dad had told him that he’d been had or some shit. just gave him it cause I wanted to make clear I would never do something like that and it was entirely his own shitty behaviour that made me leave him. even though I’d been paying all of my own rent in my other place for the 6 months when we’d agreed we wouldnt be living together… anyway, don’t just hand over money cause you feel bad.

In the situation you’re describing I think there would be an expectation that both pay something if that’s what the original arrangement was. but it really depends on your relationship and what you can both afford, why the relationship has ended etc.


just remembering when my rent used to be £238 instead of £850 :sob:


Man that sounds pretty heavy!


£850 ain’t bad for Oxford! (sadly)


yeah it’s a university flat pretty far from the centre - only place we could afford on my stipend.


Ah nice. I pay similar just off Cowley Road but it’s a bit of a steal, similar flats in my block go for over £1k. Silly!


yeah, I mean this includes all bills apart from electricity and means we’re council tax exempt so it’s ok. still going to struggle though :disappointed: