Boring Mobile Providers Question

Hi, I poured boiling water on my phone last night filling the bairns hot water bottles up. I’ve decided to take the opportunity to cancel my contract with vodafone and take my custom elsewhere so…

Who is the best current contract phone provider.

  • It’s vodafone you idiot - call them up and apologise!
  • EE
  • Are Orange still a thing?
  • Some other one I shall list below.
  • As a dullard I am going to explain why you should buy a phone outright and go on a cheapo sim only tariff, frankly I am not welcome in this thread.

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Fucking hell, put the heating on, Leeds.


I’m on 3 and it’s pretty good and cheap and gets free data roaming abroad. Some signal issues though

we have the wood burner roaring away downstairs.

Nobody calls me anyway.

Also, I bought a phone, had plans to leave Vodas, gave them a call and they gave me 3gb, a number of minutes and the texts for £8.40 a month. So do that.

People who get contract phones in this day and age should be viewed in the same way as people who rent their telly, i.e. there are some limited circumstances where it’s justifiable, but mostly it’s a relic of a bygone age.

Anyway, I’ll show myself out.

Tell them that you know me.

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Ditto 3. Signal issues aren’t for mob coverage but internet - for some reason the very centre of Glasgow is the worst place for it (worse than rural Wales)

Frankly put dear @zxcvbnm, all the mobile operators are pretty much as good/bad as each other. You’ll find plenty of people willing to slag off all of them and just as many saying they’ve had no issues.

Just decide what type of handset you want, how much data you need and find the company that’ll give you that cheapest and with the least bells and whistles you won’t use. (I’m looking at you 24 month EE contract with 3 months free BT Sport).

vodafone offered to halved their cancellation fee if I stuck with them. it’s not too late I guess.

not many votes you dickbags

have you put it in a bowl of rice

Another 3 user here. Been with them for almost seven years and never had any signal problems nor customer service issues (which seem to be the main concerns with them).

Cheap as if you’re SIM only (and if you’re not, then, well…) plus being able to use your phone abroad for free is pretty useful for an International Man Of Mystery* like myself.


*Part time project manager

giffgaff’s fine

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Because they don’t have enough cell sites in the area, so there’s too much contention and speeds drop - eventually to the point where there’s basically no data available even if your phone thinks it’s connected to 4G.

Sometimes you’ll be able to force (slower) connectivity by setting your phone to use 2G/3G signals only.


Shit name, no fans

Then stop complaining about it :slight_smile:


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