Boring Mobile Providers Question

what;s the phone that keeps going on fire. I don;'t want that one.

Galaxy Note 7 - Samsung stopped making them and recalled them so you can’t buy one unless you try very hard.

ok - didn’t listen to anyone - ordered a samsung something or other on EE.

Don’t care if it’s shit - not going to think about phones again for another 2 years.


Three sim only – free roaming abroad, 4gb, unlimited texts and minutes for £11/month.

Signal is fine here but for some reason data drops when I’m at home quite a bit.

Still use my Sony Xperia something I got 3 years ago.

Do you use your phone data when you’re at home?

Only these past few weeks while we’ve not had broadband, but that’s being installed tomorrow so it’s fine. Has been a bit annoying admittedly, but I have been quite happy with Three really.

Did you go with PlusNet in the end?

This is my thread. She can get her own phone thread.

Nope – I cancelled the order as BT were doing a ridic 12 month deal with line rental for only £20 a month.

Who made you the threadkeeper?

Oh right. I think our PlusNet was £2 a month for the first 12.

fibre optic?

Yes. FTTC, not FTTP though.

A question about boring mobile providers. Right on. When WILL those guys jazz it up a bit?!?

good work.

doesn’t ever seem like you can get deals like that these days

Put s lot of effort into letting us know didn’t he


@1101010, have you hacked @eems’s account?

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pfft. I offered my discount code and everything.

^ This. And different providers have different strengths in different places I’ve found. For instance when I go back to my Mum’s or whatever, EE signal is fucking atrocious. When I was on o2 it was golden.

See which networks work best in the area you spend most of your time, then see who’s cheapest for your usage. Done.

Dear zxcvbnm,

Really hope this works out well for you. You deserve it!

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