Boring musicians

Elvis Costello

I’d rather have this thread deleted that put on the music forum.

All of them. Wanting to have others listen to your output makes you inherently boring and a really bad person to boot. Fortunately I don’t think we have any on these boards.


Bon Iver, sold out audience or otherwise.


Eric Clapton.

Awful racism, yes, but also imagine learning to play guitar with such virtuosity and not having some flamboyant fun while playing it, like Prince, Hendrix, Slash, pretty much anyone. He dresses like the sort of man who’s had the same lunch for the past 15 years.


Elvis Costello’s album with The Roots is actually “quite good” imo

Alice Cooper

I was referring more to their personality.

Oh right, in that case every single person that has ever picked up and played a guitar (acoustic or otherwise) is likely to be an enormous dullard.


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i play guitar and i can confirm i am boring.

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Yeah, I had guitar lessons for years as a younger man and I am boring as shit.

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Elvis Costello definitely isnt boring

Ed Sheeran

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Let’s fight about!

I think the real boring musicians are the ones who do loads of drugs and sex and stuff.

Stay in school everybody.

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Richard Stillgoe


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