Boring office chair question

My chair is a bit fucked and need to get a new one, any of you recommend one?!
Apologies for the dullness of this thread.

You’re right, that is a boring question.


Hermann Miller Aeron.

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The one I’ve got is quite comfy. No idea about make/model though. Sorry.

oh nice, not cheap but then i’m kind of a big deal :slight_smile:

Prefer the Hermann O, myself:


I really enjoy this website’s reviews, they’re really comprehensive and give some alternatives if the first choice doesn’t suit (a lot of them aren’t available in the UK for example). I’m going to get the Ikea Markus off the back of this, I think.

They are very hard-wearing (they usually carry a 12 year guarantee), and you can often pick them up in office clearance sales for about half the retail price.

If it means that you don’t have to miss a week of work with a bad back, it’s paid for itself.

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nice, cheers ctl

oh, I think the Herman Miller Aeron is the one we have in work. If so, then it’s fantastic. I’ll double check tomorrow.

This is literally the greatest thing I’ve ever posted on any version of this shitheap website, and if there was any justice in the world I’d be paraded through the streets aloft in a wicker throne, like C-3PO in Return of the Jedi.

Yes, in this scenario you are all Ewoks.

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Took me a couple of reads, but I now get, and appreciate the pun.

Got an Ikea Markus the other day. Holy shit it’s a great office chair

Yeah I got it as well! Great bunch of chair for the price

Still annoyed my greatest ever post didn’t get more recognition.

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i just got this

I’m wasted on you lot.

Been in the new office a couple of weeks now. Got my chair settings spot on and then stuck a label on the back to mark it as mine. I’ll give them my chair when they pry it from my cold, dead arse.

i get it, but i do NOT appreciate it

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