Boring online shopping question

Bought a jumper in the sale online, it doesn’t fit so want to send it back but they’re being difficult. In the store’s terms and conditions it states they only offer exchanges or credit notes for sale items, and no refunds.

They’re saying because I ticked the box to say I’d read them, they don’t have to offer a refund under the Consumer Contracts Regulations. Surely that’s not right, and they have to stick to the regulations no matter what they put in their t&c? Or have I done myself and got this wrong?

Keep getting credit notes, rolling credit forever.

Did you buy it less than a week ago?

If so I think distance selling regulations give you a week’s grace period to return if you don’t want. (I might be wrong though)

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Yeah bought Monday - you get 14 days to cancel now so well within that time.

They’re saying their t&cs override that though, cos I agreed to buy knowing they don’t offer refunds.

t&cs don’t override the law. That’s why at the end of all those t&cs it says ‘this does not affect your statutory rights’.


Cheers - didn’t think to look at Which.

Take them to court! and make sure while giving your closing speech, you’re wearing your grotesquely undersized xmas jumper


lets see this jumper then

I couldn’t even get it over my head :frowning:

fight the bastards. don’t be an easy pullover

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