Boring Phone Thread - with specific criteria!

My wife has an aging iPhone 6S that we are going to gift to her mom. As such, she needs a new phone - but there are new iPhones are due in September, so timing is off. Her mom is here in a few weeks.

So we are thinking a cheap android smartphone to tide her over to the iPhones (or to convince her that android is all right and she might be interested in getting a new different phone).

So. We are looking for cheap android phone that does, at a minimum

  • WhatsApp
  • instagram
  • internet
  • takes passable photos, maybe
  • can be run on o2

Budget is max around £100, let’s say, but bonus points for cheaper.

We use Samsung j3s for our field staff at work. They’re about £100 and will do all that.

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Huawei honor.

motorolla g4 / g5

can probably get one for £100

Mine broke just outside of warranty. Lifelong grudge established.