Boring phone thread

Contract is up and the thing I’ve had for the last couple of years (iPhone SE, I think?) is just about knackered. I have next to zero interest in phones and know even less about what’s decent, so need some recommendations from you good knowledgeable people.

The default choice would be an iPhone 7, but not a huge fan of iPhones - this is the first one I’ve had and think I’d have preferred another Android. What would be a similarly priced (no more than £30 or so a month) alternative? What’s the equivalent Samsungy type thing? Huawei P20 any good? None of those housebrick sized things either, please.

Thanks folks.

Obvious unhelpful first reply.

If it’s in your price range, this is fine tbh.

Are you a phone geek @anon76851889?

Should I be worried about Huawei stealing my identity and cloning me in China y/n?

(My suspicion, based on nothing, is that they are only doing exactly the same as whatever data mining/exploitation Google and apple are up to)

P20 and Galaxy S8 are the same price. Which would you go for? I’m guessing you get more for your money with the P20 because they are a relatively unknown brand? (For a start it’s 128GB vs 64GB)

One useful iPhone thing is that it connects to the network through the WiFi, which is a very good thing at work as it’s an absolute black hole for signal. Do either of those do that sort of thing?

Even if they do, we get a second Harru for free. Everyone’s a winner.

(My gut says China aren’t actually as interested in individual’s data in the west as Western companies are - they’re more interested in bigger strategic projects. Mind you, I have a Google Pixel, so what do I know about keeping my data safe from The Man!)

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I’ll be watching this thread closely as my phone contract is up soon and I fancy an upgrade (~£30pm)

Have had an iPhone 6s for 3 years now. Still have no complaints, and will probably try and get the same phone when this one finally packs it in

Tbf, this one has been ‘fine’ and if it wasn’t for it starting to fall apart - I’d just carry on with it. It’s starting to run out of storage and I have to wiggle the charger around and pin the lead under the phone in just the right position to get it to charge though.

If I’m going to get a new phone/new contract then I may as well get something half decent and modern.

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If you’ve got the cash handy, I’d recommend dropping down to sim only and buying a new or decent second hand handset. The 2016ish generation seem to do the same things as the new ones. And you don’t have to sacrifice the headphone jack if you want an iPhone


I just have a sim only deal and buy an Oukitel once a year. Value for money wise their specs are off the chart

Plus battery life is a big thing for me, so I’ve currently got a brick that runs fast but lasts for at least 2 days heavy usage without having to worry about a battery pack or finding a socket

I wish the Sony Compact Z range was still a thing. They were amazing for battery life AND fairly small.

Yeah, mine has a 10000mah battery, but it weighs pretty much the same as a 10000mah battery pack (odd that)

But it doesn’t sacrifice any performance, so i can’t complain. Especially not for 180 quid

Just looked into this cos I saw a cheap deal for a SIM only. Not got the dinero to buy a phone outright though.

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Got this after my last Motorola lasted 3 years. Stuck a 128gb SD in and I’m chuffed

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My G5 plus has been excellent (great battery life, quick, good storage options, camera is ok). tempted by the G6, but not got the cash to buy outright

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I am temporarily stuck on an iPhone SE after having a Samsung Galaxy S4 and S6 before that. I utterly despise my iPhone, and that’s coming from somebody who hasn’t used anything but Mac computers in a decade. Definitely getting an S10 as soon as I can (although that latest Huawei beast is tempting too)

I’ve just got a G6 Plus, after my old G4 gave up the ghost. Really impressed by it.

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I got the Huawei P20 pro on Friday, switching from an iPhone that I’d had for three years.

I’m very impressed with it so far.

S8 is a great phone. Not had a Samsung before now but it takes good pictures, no software glitches (unlike Sony) and good battery life. Still going strong after 18 months.

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