Boring property thread


Alright. Buying, in theory, a ground floor flat. I’ve got the surveyor in tomorrow to check it out fully, but the one thing that caught my eye on a walkaround was that there’s a stain on the otherwise perfect ceiling that looks like a water mark that’s dried out.

But i can’t be sure. And the surveyor can’t get hold of the people who live in the flat above (there’s only two flats in the building). So what do I do"

  1. put off survey until if/when we can get access to the flat above

  2. Work into the contract that that specific issue is something that needs covering by them, not me

  3. suck it up and pay for problems if they arise.


Where bounce u buying hun?


The people who live in the flat above? hip_young_gunslinger and his locked in wife.


The damp is from the radiator leaking after she managed to wrench herself free



it was basically a choice of

1 bedroom in Greenwich
2 bedroom in Blackheath or
3 bedroom, garden and driveway in Eltham

so we picked option three!


do not do number 3. Water is a nightmare when it gets in, you need to find out if there is a current leak somewhere before you sign anything.


do you think option 2 is a valid argument to be had when exchanging contracts?


deceptively roomy


Number 2) – in my very limited experience the vendor will absolutely not give a shit about the stain.

I would imagine the surveyor won’t be happy about it either if they think it’s an ongoing water leak.


As in they won’t give a shit about covering it if it turns out to be a problem? or they won’t give a shit and will say jog on

  1. Cover the entire flat in water to even out the stain.


you’re a fixer


are you paying for the expensive survey option?

i think number 2 is the best option

  1. why can’t I start a post with 4.

  1. do what?


yes i am.



If they surveyor is coming tomorrow I’d wait for their verdict. What survey you going for? Homebuyers report or the whole hog?

  1. Aaarrrggghh


whole hog as while the flat is modern decorated, the building is old (but sturdy).


First find out if it’s dry. Did the surveyor not do this? Second ask the vendor where it came from. If that doesn’t work, go and ask the neighbours upstairs.

I have a stain like this in my living room. It’s from when I bodged some plumbing in the bathroom and a pipe leaked into the wall for a few minutes. It’s fine now.

But other than that 3 is your only option.