Boring question…it’s about london NEW QUESTION: SLIGHTLY LESS BORING!

Which airport is likely to be least affected by network rail strike at the start of January 6th and 7th?

Choice of Heathrow, Gatwick, stansted or Luton (so everything but Lcy basically). Are there any that won’t be affected by a strike?

I need to go to both quite north London, and also West Sussex (20 mins from Gatwick), but it doesn’t matter in which order really.

Look…you were warned

Also I can fly in to one and out of another, that’s fine

Heathrow is the only airport served by London Underground, who will not be on strike


Quick look across National Rail and it looks like there are trains from Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton and Stansted today so likely to be alright I think

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What’s your favourite London airport @aboynamedgoo ?

probably…the best of london airports


There are only 2 london airports

Two London aiiiiiiiirrrrpoooorts!


They always have at least some trains on the Brighton / Gatwick / London lines even when there’s a strike on, it just goes down to one an hour rather than four or six or however many it normally is

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The Gatwick Express service isn’t affected by the strike but may not get you where you need to go to.

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As a dedicated metropole I have no doubt hoogy’s favourite London airport is City.


Official Hoogy ranking of London airports

  1. City
  2. Heathrow T5
  3. Gatwick
  4. Heathrow other terminals
  5. Southend
  6. Luton
  7. Stansted

Does GE go to London Bridge as well as Victoria, or is that a different service?

Actually Victoria is good as well, might do that :+1:

Just Victoria but I’m really sorry, just looked online and it appears the GE is included in strike action and won’t be running.

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Where’s the best greasy spoon breakfast in central or north London? Green lanes?

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Me too, but there’s no flights that weekend and I don’t know why :frowning:

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