Boring tax question

This might be a bit more difficult to get back/sort out. Because I think that works on a month to month basis. And I’m not sure how often hmrc update student loans company. It used to be just once a year at the end of the year but may have changed.

Looks like that 8k bookcase is going to have to wait.


Yeah, I think the student loan threshold is monthly, if you pay more because of a bonus you don’t get that back. On the bright side, you’re closer to paying off that loan.

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Yup, student loan cash is gone for good I’m afraid. (unless you end up under the 19k/25k threshold at the end of the year, which I’m assuming you won’t)

I think you can get it back but after the end of the year when they can recalculate it in the annual threshold but by that point in you might prefer to leave it on the loan.

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My salary will be. But total will be over I think

Yeah, it’s based on total earnings, not just salary.

This means you are now allowed to be even more vociferous when telling policemen/binmen/nurses/council workers you pay their wages


shirley your whole pay wouldnt be taxed over 40%, only that above the threshold?

Claiming tax back when you earn anything above minimum wage is surely massively immoral?

Good take CG

Well, no. That’s why people have been campaigning for a living wage for years. And by that I don’t mean George Osborne’s rebrand of the minimum wage