Boring Tech Question (One for the web developers maybe?)

Anyone know any thing about web forms and how content is served to them? I’m pretty much an amateur so I could be barking up the wrong tree entirely here but my query is something like:

If you built a ASP.NET application that uses web forms in order to display content hosted on an external server using HTTP, is it possible to serve content to the app but not to a browser making the same kind of request.

When you say ‘external server’, do you mean an API?

I think it’s media content, but I could be wrong it’s actually an API server since that would explain a lot.

I’m going to struggle with this a little because a) I’m not an ASP developer so there might be sorcery i’m unaware of and b) I don’t know what your application is doing, but generally if one application is fetching content from another via HTTP then there’ll be some sort of API involved.

Is that is the case then potentially you can connect to that via another source, but there’s a lot of ifs, maybes, and ‘it depends’…

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Unfortunately it’s not my app :expressionless:

Reading that back though I think I have a clearer idea of what might be going on.

have you tried turning it off and on again

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I’d second this and if you want to display different content in an app, that will only be possible if the API supports it (like it would need to take parameters)

It’s one of those things where my usual answer is that it’s definitely possible, but how easy it is to achieve is a much harder question to answer without doing a bit of domain specific research :frowning: