Boring thread about travel in London



On Friday I’ll be travelling from London City to Euston (and then onwards on the train). I don’t have an Oyster card (are these still a thing)? Can I use my credit card at London City to buy a one way tube ticket to Euston? Or even a one way ticket to my final destination? If not, what’s my best option?

Sorry this thread is so dull but I’m sure the LME can help me. Thanks!


Do you have contactless bank card?


Best consult your local travel agent I’d say :thinking:


Use a contactless card if you have one to just swipe in and swipe out, if not, just buy a ticket at the machine / kiosk.


davidoff cool CONTACTLESS


Get the flu jab


Where is your final destination?

Assuming that it is outside of the TfL/Oyster zones, I would just use your debit card if it is contactless (tap it on the gates like you would an oyster pay-as-you-go), and then buy a ticket to your final destination in Euston.


What about if you are paying for more than one person and maybe one of the people isn’t an adult… can you use contactless?

Who am I kidding, one day travelcard hero for life!


Kids are free, take them through the big pram / luggage gates.


So I don’t have a contactless bank card so I should buy a ticket at the machine right? But a single to Euston or some kind of travel card?


Are they? Up to what age?




Apple Pay?


Where is your final destination? How certain are you that you’ll be able to catch a specific train?


I got him a travel card last time! Fuckers! Should just have got a Waterloo return!


You absolute mug, some TfL boss had a night on the blow thanks to your idiocy




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This is only an aside, but there will be a tube strike on Friday. It’s only on the Piccadilly Line which you wouldn’t be using to get from City to Euston, but it would be sensible to allow plenty of time, particularly if you’re going to be travelling during the peak.


I am in London next week for meetings for the first time in AGES and I had no idea about the contactless bank card thing. MIND—> BLOWN.