Boring thread


Ever dug any really good holes? I always tried at the beach as a kid, but was terrified of stories of holes and tunnels collapsing and people suffocating. Maybe there was one of those terrifying public service films about it.


Bryan Adams


Ryan Adams


Not sure


Dug a massive one in my parent’s garden in an effort to reach China.

28 years old I was.


me + brother tried to dig a swimming pool in our back garden. made a 5’ deep hole about 12’ wide. the project progressed no further.


just stuck some bryan adams on - heaven is a fucking stone cold classic. maybe better than the DJ sammy cover.


Hand dug out pretty much the entire garden this year. Cabin and decking holes were probably about 30cm and 10cm deep respectively from vague memory.


Do you think that people who dig roads for a living loved digging holes as children and now they’re living their dream?


honestly? no


I really wanted to be an archaeologist growing up- too much Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park. The reality involves a lot of patiently dusting small squares of ground and getting excited when you find some broken pottery.

Way better to be the person in the tent going “why yes, this is another Ritual Item you have found”


6music played When You’re Gone the other morning. BANGER


There was a 999 episode back in the 90s about the dangers of digging tunnels at the beach.


I really wanted to dig an underground den in my back garden as a nipper - thought it would be pretty easy. I drew up some plans with felt tips and hassled my uncle to help me. He wasn’t very invested in the project for some reason


My parents lived on top of a roman village and managed to convince Time Team to do an episode there. They found fuck all.


Used to try and make dirt jumps, but used to get very bored. They never really went too far as we couldn’t be arsed digging the holes for them.


I never watched Time Team, but this must have made the best episodes of the lot - 3 days of trying to make digging and finding nothing exciting.


Strong pun in the thread title.


At least it’s not like Fishbourne in Sussex, where they were digging foundations for houses in the 60s, and found a load of Roman stuff. So they got the archaeologists in, and found this huge palace with incredible mosaics.

Well actually, half a palace. The other half was already under some houses from the 1930s. So the mosaic floors just stop in the middle and there’s someone’s garden.


fucking love Fishbourne Roman Palace.

Got a really great ruler from there that I had until I was about 22 or something.