Boring TV/streaming/set up thread


Gonna ditch sky finally.

Thinking of going for Now TV with either a Chromecast or a Roku, so I can watch Netflix/Eurosport as well.

Going for now tv as our broadband speed/reliability is rubbish, and can get a good deal including fibre if going for Now TV.

Suggestions/scorn welcome.


isn’t Now Tv part of Sky anyway? I avoid these Sky cunts like the plague, myself.

good luck with whatever decision you make dude


Now TV’s really good. I’d steer clear from getting a bundle with broadband, as part of the joy of Now TV is constantly cancelling on their website and getting a much cheaper price each time. I’m averaging about £4 a month for the entertainment part and about a fiver for the movies.

The TV boxsets are hit and miss. They tend to expire really quickly, so we often get a third of a way through a series that’s just been added and it disappears. Bit shite.

Streaming boxes are all pretty much of a muchness. You should be able to get a Now TV box cheap in the supermarket, which is a Roku box anyway. I’ve got an Apple TV because I’m an idiot. It’s totally unnecessary.


Does your son know he is about to lose a load of kids channels?


tv kids pass: £2.99.




Now TV boxes don’t let you play Netflix as far as I can tell? Which is the only real reason why I think I need to get a chromecast/roku.

The Now TV deals at the moment include a Now TV box for free.


that’s BLAZING speed!

(hate Blaze so, so much)


(not got a smart tv, as you can probably guess)


Yeah, I always pretend it isn’t on (the advantages of being able to read) also Fireman Sam.

I quite like a bit of Blue Peter, Dengineers, Marrying Mum and Dad - that’s more my sort of pace.


Pretty sure that you can load Netflix onto it using something called sideloading.


You can often pick up a chromecast for £20 so get one of them. I have the audio only one and it works a treat.


can you not do everything on the Roki stick?


Chill out, Theo.


oho. interesting. I’ll check that out.


ooo, not heard of dengineers before. Looks right up my ahem my son’s street that


didn’t say thanks, did I?

How rude



Only problem is having to put up with Thick Mark the presenter.