Boring wifi question

Our flat isn’t very big but it is quite long (easy now) and the router is at one end in the living room, meaning we don’t get any wifi in the bedroom what with the distance and the walls between. We’ve tried a couple of cheap wifi extender things, but neither have been any good. Any one use any of the mesh system things, or should we try a more powerful extender (are they a thing?)

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powerline adapter
edit- didn’t read properly, these are only for wired connections. there are ones that generate their own wifi though

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We had powerlines, with an old modem plugged into the other powerline to provide wifi to the back of the house. That was OK for the most part, and should be more than enough for a flat.

We upgraded to mesh last year because we’ve got a 150 year old house with thick walls and there were still dead spots with what we had.

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I use a TP-LINK WiFi Powerline extender, and when it works, it’s great, recommend it a lot.

However, now and again, like every month or so, it somehow gets its knickers in a twist without being able to register the network with the router properly. Usually I end up spending about 30 minutes resetting everything until it starts working again with no reason for the earlier problems. This usually happens right before an important work meeting. For a while, I was turning them off and on semi-regularly, which was making this happen far more frequently, so now leave them powered on no matter what.

The upshot is that when they’re working, they’re great, but for someone relying on my internet for working from home and needing that consistency, if I did it again I’d just pay the extra and get a mesh system.

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Get a mesh thing yes

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I got a powerline adapter at the start of lockdown 1.0. It’s great and reliable.

I have a cheap one (2 boxes), made by ‘Tenda’. You can often get them on offer for about 50 quid . The big brand names are more expensive, but you won’t notice the difference

I’ve got this mesh setup

but you can set them up with more or less units as you feel you need for where you live

Also, work paid for mine, so you can probably get cheaper options which are just as good

In b4 ‘‘more expensive extender thing’’

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I’ve got these, and they do generate their own wifi. It’s not amazing but it’s fine for general browsing etc

I just did a speed test using mine and got 75meg per second, although my PC is wired into the power line adapter.

I’ve never had any problems with it and also use it for gaming and streaming.