Boring wifi question

Mesh wifi systems are great. Can’t recommend them highly enough.

another vote for mesh. you’re probably just wasting money with anything else - the powerline adapters are shit in older properties/properties set up with weird wiring systems, and wifi extenders are also quite crap.


tell my wifi love her


anybody know much about the powerline gear? Can you have more than one appliance-side but only need one modem-side? eg. One at the modem, one at the PC and one in the lounge but the WiFi version?

Yes, that’s right. You can get two to slave to the one at the modem.

Can be a bit fiddly and you normally need them all next to each other to easily do it so a 4-way adapter is helpful.

why? They will be in different rooms of the house so not sure of the logistics of being next to each other

It’s because you normally need to press the buttons in an annoying order within time limits and because you want to make sure they’re all on the same electric loop. You can do it in situ.

Once you’ve done it you can move them about although my place here in Aus is fucked and not all the plugs, are on the same loop :roll_eyes: never had an issue in the UK

ok right. Never even noticed there were buttons on the ones I already have, just plug and play

Oh right, maybe they are!

The Powerlines I had came with BT were like thus with the two buttons.


Currently I have these TP Link ones and they have just the single little recessed button on

Edit to say they do work out of the box but occasionally they de-pair due to an issue or you have to do what you’re talking about, which is when you need the button to reset them.

2nd Edit to point our you can’t put them after surge protectors and I have lost at least one to a surge powercut one time which was an expensive BT Comtrend one, 65 quid each!

cant be bothered scrolling up to see if this has been answered but your router may have a 2.5ghz or 5ghz wifi, one will probably have a better connection further away, but will be a bit slower.

I have the same question as the OP - looking at getting a WiFi mesh to clear a couple of dead spots (old house, weird wiring). Is that still the best way to do it or is there a better way?

Since this post, I ended up paying extra and getting Google Mesh about seven months ago and haven’t had a single connectivity problem with internet since.


When you say ‘Google Mesh’ do you mean one of these Nest things?

That’s what I get when I google that. Very reasonable price compared to the cost of routers I would say rather than ‘extra’?

We got the eero mesh system about 18 months ago, works brilliantly! They come up in offers every now and again

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