Boris Becker's daughter

hmmm… slight resemblance

When I was a kid, I was convinced that Boris Becker had no eyes. Just eyelashes.

Loved her father,
And I think she loved me too, for a little while


They curtsey to a cake?

It’s an emotional day.

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Conceived in a broom cupboard at Nobu (natch) restaurant

They still have debutante balls?!?

Jay Z’s giraffe

“Debutant balls please!”

(this is a very good tennis joke)

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This reminds me of the time I went into the bar of the David Lloyd leisure centre (Hartspring Way, Bushey) dressed in full tennis garb. The barmaid noticed the lumps in the pocket of my shorts (steady!) and asked what they were.

‘Oh, they’re tennis balls!’

‘Ouch,’ she winced. ‘I’ve had tennis elbow - sounds painful’

abandon reply


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