Boris - DEAR

New album July 14th. Apparently they were close to breaking up before the Pink tour and this is the end result of three album’s worth of recorded material. Tracklisting below.

D.O.W.N. -Domination Of Waiting Noise-
The Power
Memento Mori
Distopia Vanishing Point

First single:

Love this band, excited to hear more!

looks like a 2CD version is coming out too.

new track sounds rather good. They’ve been really hit or miss lately, but I hope it’s a return to form.

Is this Boris a la Pink or Boris a la their other stuff?

Not so much like Pink in sound, closer to a sludgier Heavy Rocks.

I expect like Noise, this one will be varied. Not sure about the vocals being mixed as high as they are in that first song, but I’m still very keen.

Where to start with Boris?

Depends what you’re really into:

Doom\Sludge Metal > Amplifier Worship or maybe Feedbacker

Sludge Pop\Noise Rock > Pink or maybe Smile


cheers wwwo

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also seeing a 256 kbps leak out there, but I assume it’s a webrip? Waveform looks odd, but specs look legit(?)

Loving this. Wasn’t entirely sold on the first couple of tracks, but the whole album is more than the sum of its parts. Some really great production in places too. Lovely sludge.

Not up there with the best, but certainly the most I’ve liked a new Boris album since Smile probably.


first listen through was rather good. I could definitely hear how it started as a final album as it sounds very funeral-ish. I also like that it sounds varied, but not as many tangents as their last few albums.

the extra tracks on the Japanese version are pretty good. Evil Perspective is probably the best shoegaze track they’ve done.

I found this a bit of a slog, but then I’m not massive on the genre anyway so maybe to be expected. Kthnxbai

Enjoying this a lot. Like @Otto says up there a bit. Easily the most I’ve enjoyed a new Boris album since Smile. Lovely, lovely sludge

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I wasn’t sure if it was worth starting a new thread, but apologies if I should have. I’m a relative newcomer to Boris, and I’ve been listening to Pink all week and want more. Is there a logical place to go next for someone who especially can’t get enough of “Just Abandoned Myself” and “Pink”? Their discography is pretty overwhelming and historically I’ve never been able to get into drone stuff. Anyone have a few word description of each album?

If you like Pink, give Smile and Akuma no Uta a try

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Boris are quite a tricky band in the sense that they will make albums of completely different genres. Tbh Pink is the only one I have truly got into but you might like Heavy Rocks

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Try this


As said above it’s a little hard to recommend specific releases. I started off only really liking Pink, but at this point I really like the majority of it. Anyways here’s 3 random ones you may be into: