Bottomless brunch

Anyone a fan? I’ve been to one and it was alright but I reckon I’m too old to be drinking 2 and a half bottles of prosecco within a couple of hours in the early afternoon. Been invited out to one in a couple of weeks and I’m wondering whether to be like ‘shall we just go to the pub?’

They’re a bit shite really, aren’t they?

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Only in the comfort of my own home. Nobody wants to see that.


All feels like a bit of a Primarkian smash and grab.

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Went to one a couple of weeks ago and it was a bit shit really, they watered down the mojitos to the extent that it was just soda water and the waiter told us he needed to see us finishing our drink before we could order another one.

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This is it isn’t it. Such a weird concept, makes people start throwing drink down themselves and grabbing more bottles (not judging, I did this myself).

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Felt like when my parents would make me eat my greens before I could have another roast potato except I had to pay for the experience

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So, basically an eat/drink-as-much-as-you-like restaurant, repackaged for wankers?



Did a prosecco one at a fancy hotel on Park Lane (probably a voucher deal) which was fine, the food was really good, the issue is you don’t really need that much fizz, do you?

Does anywhere do a decent beer version? I’d be up for that.

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Bottomless brunch is for people from Essex with fake tans.


Just go to spoons with the rest of the proles

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Ever heard of a cheeky little brewery called Brewdog, friend?


Had a really good one in LA

drank as hedload of bloody mary’s and ate a fuck ton of french toast.

Cheers, bye!

Hang on, “2 hours per sitting”. How much beer can you actually drink in two hours on top of a big brunch?

Hold my beer.


I’ve never been to one but think I would like it.

There is a thai place I like to go to and they do it and its unlimited food and drink for 2 hours for £45. BUT the service in there is RIDIC slow even when theres hardly anyone in there so you wouldn’t even get that much food or drink in I reckon.

Yeah prosecco gives me acid reflux and I get to a limit (usually after half a bottle?) where it just won’t go down any more

Done it once. Ended up in bed at 3pm. Great day

Given the prices in there normally (Punk is £5.25 a pint iirc) then you’d need to be getting at least five pints in you to get any value on that price.