Bought a copy of Wire magazine.

I had a 25 quid rough trade voucher and needed to bump a purchase over the 25 quid mark.

Not read it yet :man_shrugging:


Who is on the cover?

No-one has ever successfully read Wire magazine cover to cover. It’s just not possible.


Attempted it several times. Never succeeded. That and the Economist.


William Basinski

Never heard of them


Really enjoyed the Basinski interview.

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Dunno, not read it yet


Its an excellent magazine. I’ve been reading it for years. Not easy reading and I never read it back to back (mainly cos there’s so much in the magazine).

Took me a while to get used to the magazine at first cos you wont find a lot of pages about artists you already know about (theres mojo, Q etc… for that) but if you have an open mind theres plenty of stuff to discover by reading it.

The do cover some more well known stuff in there aswell. Recent copy had a top article/primer for Fugazi and related bands for example…


enjoyed the basinski interview, didn’t know about his connection to anonhi. love this one, closing out the cover cd, sophia loizou- vestal waters…


It’s too small. I have kind of weak reading eyes and it used to wreck my head.


What way do people read it if reading it cover to cover is out of the question? I used to start with the reviews section but I think that was my mistake. Just felt like work.
Jukebox was the most enjoyable thing to read but admitting that makes me feel like a bit of a philistine.

I tended to buy it before a long train journey. Would start by flicking through and seeing if any articles took my interest, would start with Jukebox if not. Then the live reviews, followed by the album/single reviews (some of which made it genuinely impossible to tell if the reviewer liked what was being reviewed or not). Interest would usually start to wane by the time I looked at and failed to understand the cartoon, might try another article but would probably give up and faff about on my phone instead.


really like it, not subscribed anymore but will always buy it when I’m back in the UK. reviews section alone is worth it cos it’ll inspire my listening for the next few weeks


he’s so lamestream, Basinski.

On a serious note though, over the years the spread of artists featured in The Wire seems a lot less obscure to me, to the point where I’m surprised when people still bring it up. (Apart from that ((Byron?)) guy who does the 7" single column, I never have any idea who any of those people are) I’m not sure if that’s because it is less obscure or because I just listen to a lot more music than I did, or follow a lot of the Wire writers on twitter so you already know what they’re talking about…

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Extremely weird and absolutely brilliant magazine. I subscribe and about half the issues do nothing for me. The other half give a good few hours on a Saturday morning of listening to all kinds of different things, and that usually determines my listening for the next couple of months. Find it very legitimating that there is a proper publication like that goes into all these niche things very passionately. Over time have found it’s inculcated in me a different way of approaching music.


Me neither until this board brought this album up a couple of years back

Really great

Some new tracks from his forthcoming album on Spotify, well worth a listen.

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Yeah I heard one on Release Radar recently. Am waiting for the full thing for now as I have a bunch of other records to get through.

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