Bought a load of 'cool white' bulbs for the kitchen

To replace the warm white ones. Kitchen looks amazing, like a showroom. Fuck off.


Our house is really dark but I can’t bring myself to buy lights for a rented house while they still work.

Yeah I only did it because two of the four had blown. And one in the bathroom. Replaced all of the warm in the bathroom with cool but decided it looked shit so went with warm. Different bulbs for different needs.

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Can’t stand the heat? Get ‘cool white’ bulbs in your kitchen.


Just fitted a new bulb in the kitchen. I’m a warm whiter. Cool white is too cold and clinical

  • Warm white
  • Cool White

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Cool white near the heat, warm white in the sheets.


Also, bulbs are now

  • Really expensive
  • Claim to last like “15 years”- yeah, chinny fucking reckon mate!!!

New bulbs, please.

Cool in the bathroom looked shite, made all the dirt and limescale really apparent. Felt like you were in some DIY shop on a Sunday.


Made this mistake once and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror going for a shower. Looked grey, like a dead body.

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Actually bought cool lights for the kitchen and it made the place feel like a dentist’s room, as well as highlighting all of the dust. Never again.

Edit: or maybe it was the bathroom. I can’t remember. Either way they’re shite.

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Cool white bulbs seem to trigger my migraines, I’m a crepuscular troll give me lamps with warm bulbs

but what if the light bulbs in our new place fit different holes

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We had a cool white bulb in the kitchen in our old house, I felt it was horrible, made it feel like you were cooking in an operating theatre


The ‘cool’ is actually ranch.


Exactly, I need clinical precision for my Gousto creations (got a box coming tomorrow)


Cool hwip.

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I bought a lightbulb yesterday too!

Scalpel! Suction! This is meatball surgery people!

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We’ve got really fancy light bulbs in our kitchen that CHANGE from cool to warm to a third setting that is, idk, “normal”. Basically if you turn the lights off then rapidly on again they switch to the next setting. We only ever have them on warm though, it’s clearly the best setting. Wouldn’t recommend these fancy bulbs either, very prone to flickering.