Bought any good clothes recently? #clothesweek

Ooooh that robe is amazing


ikr - the same seller had a whole bunch of them the other week, I think end-of-line from her business. Looks like they’re all sold now though :cry:

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I do love Philip browne but it is so expensive. The physical shop is in Norwich so it is nice to pop into for me and browse. Probably some of the reason I like clothes as much as I do.

How easy do you think it is to shoplift from?

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Lol :laughing:

Made me laugh…

Where did that brand appear from? Seemed to blow up overnight.

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I enjoyed this one too

A lot of their stuff is nice but is just stupidly expensive for what it is.

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Oh that is brilliant. :rofl: :rofl:

Tried to do my own a while back.

But yeah, crazy prices given loads of it is made in China.