Bought any good clothes recently? #clothesweek

New fingerless gloves. Cosy AND practical…



Where from?

Still on the hunt for nice cords. Not entirely happy with the couple of second hand L&Y ones I bought; mega comfy but don’t quite sit right on shoes. They’re really short and I am a proper short arse, and they go sort of baggy really quickly? Weird. I want loose fitting though, and an elasticated waist so lots posted upthread probably won’t work for me. Might go for a pair of Levis’ Quick Release corduroy pants?

The Ebays. ^That particular brand/style seems to be available all over the internet tbh…

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I got some M&S cords off of Vinted and they’re really comfortable. Elasticated waist and loose/straight leg relaxed fit kind of thing. Could be worth a look?


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Quick release pants is it?

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Inspired by @Pale-eyedBadger’s post just wanted to share my latest haul of second hand clothes. I’ve taken to shopping nearly exclusively from a consignment store near my office which sells mainly second hand designer clothes as well as some cheaper bits and bobs. They’re mainly not vintage (although there is some older stuff), but predominantly nice things that the fancy designer ladies of Cheshire have bought and not really worn. So mainly a few years old and pretty much untouched.

This is what I grabbed for a total of £100 the other day:

Silk Rixo dress with cute seashells pattern

CINTA Cotton broderie shirt with massive lapels

Ridiculous granny cardigan which is just secondhand Zara (but figure I can justify it because - secondhand)

All either unworn or hardly worn - original RRP on the three pieces would be a total of £510 so… Consignment store ftw

Willing to give my secret store details to any Manchester folk that may want them…


love the cardigan


it’s definitely the lowest quality thing I bought this time round - but the pattern was too ridiculous to ignore (and i’ve banned myself from going in Zara stores, so…)

Got a running jacket that maybe can stretch to also being casual wear


the pattern’s lovely imo!

My work’s 25th anniversary/christmas party is in a few weeks and the dresscode is smart casual. I think I’ve worn the same blue Oxford shirt to the last three christmas parties so I need something new. I would maybe like something that is a bit different but I’m not sure what.

I’m also fairly broke with buying the kids’ christmas presents so I don’t want to spend any more than maybe £30. I’ve looked at Uniqlo, M&S, Asos and Gap and nothing’s really jumped out at me so far. Would happily get something off Vinted but I don’t really know what I’m looking for. Maybe something with polka dots or some sort of pattern…something not boring but not garish. Any suggestions?

I always associate tartan with Christmas probably due to watching Home Alone too many times as a kid.

Maybe something like this?


That’s nice yeah, forgot about Next! feel like I want to avoid checks though cus I never quite shook that grunge phase and I’m always in bloody checks, just not ones that look as smart as that.

large were too big for me, but the quality is great. trying a size down but if anyone wants these large ones for £20 including postage, gimme a shout. they’re these ones, brand new with tags (though the tag is a bit ripped) otherwise i’ll shove em back on vinted:

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Just impulse bought this Chemical Brothers tee shirt. Should probably have asked for it for Christmas or something


Sorry if they’ve already been posted and I missed it, but these sound like what you’re looking for:

I’ve got a pair and they’re so comfy.

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So so tempted

Edit to say bought it and a jumper :star_struck:


This is tempting me….

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