Bought any good clothes recently? #clothesweek

This is tempting me….

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Do it. Treat yourself!!

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Stacked discounts upon discounts upon discounts for these two jackets from Levis


What was the stacking involved? Planning on getting some stuff from their sale

Student beans on top of the black friday sale + member discount. Lemme know when you’re buying I’ll message you a student beans discount code.

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I’m buying now! Could you send it?

Just bought some aqua marine trousers for a wedding at the weekend, feeling very unsure about this

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How’s your Labo Mono jacket holding up? Thinking of buying one.

yep, but the colours are so drab! i’m keen to pick up some on vinted but keep missing them when they appear in my size!

You weren’t asking me but I’ve had mine for three years, used it heavily, and it’s still just as good as the day I bought it. Had to reproof it recently, but that’s to be expected and was just putting it through the washing machine with a special solution that cost like £15.

Couldn’t really recommend it more! It’s the Urban Jacket I’ve got, and it looks like it’s in the sale!

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My new tee shirt arrived. I bloody love it


That is a nicely striking item of clothing :+1:

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lovely, thanks. actually looking at getting one of the insulated jackets (also on sale) - i assume the same praise would apply to those :slight_smile:

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Oh yeah, I’m not a colour person really. They do bring them out in different colours now and then as my friend has a red pair from last year, so it’s worth keeping an eye out.

Great. Got me out of a few pickles and i’m pretty quick at folding it away into its own pocket (after a few tries)

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My transformation into “almost 40 year old woman who dresses like she skates” is pretty much there

(not sure about these cords really, they are a bit baggy but amazing quality and pretty comfy, so I will be keeping.)


are those Levi cords? amazing colour

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yep, they’re called quick release pants! can barely get them over my wide hips (they’re mens) but once they’re on, they’re so comfy! (i am going to slowly get hold of the other colours, got these all in for about £11 on vinted and it looks like they’re barely been worn)


ahhh neato. comfy/colourful cords have been something I’ve wanted for a bit, so knowing there are ones like those about is v. cool

I can’t be doing with drab colours either :purple_heart:

how are you getting this to work? the only student discount code I can find in student beans is just off full price