Bought any good clothes recently? #clothesweek

Love your shoes with those cords!


Yeah i know what you mean!
They’re more lively than they look in this dark photo, what do you think


Whaddaya worried about! They really suit you - goes great with the dark colours, and compliments your hair colour too! :+1:t3:

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Aw thanks xx

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kinda wish i had an aqua marine jacket now

Preparing for the onslaught of Winter I, have picked up a couple of cheap but warm bits this week.

Got this pimp-tastic jacket from Vinted for £20:

And waiting on delivery of this festive Krampus jumper from Everything5pounds…

Can’t wait to pair them together :japanese_ogre:


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Beauty imo


I think this is the updated version of the same coat I posted when I started this thread.

The newer one is really nice too and the A&F stuff is generally pretty good quality.

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dunno about anyone else but I find it very hard to find nice clothes, especially considering there’s the entire internet to search. I like ‘boho’ kind of clothes i guess, patterns rather than strong colours. I hate wearing things that look like they came from Topman or wherever. Depop etc seems very hit and miss

first world problems, etc

Bought and immediately cancelled two tshirts from teepublic (tribe called quest and lcd soundsystem) as mere minutes later i read that apparently the quality of their prints has fallen off a cliff. Never used them before and i was already a bit dubious as to whether the artists get any credit/cash, not that either group probably needs it, mind you.

Got 3 new tops coming this week, forced myself to get a white one but seriously regretting not just conceding and getting the black version to add to my my infinite black wardrobe.


I’m not, but that’s just me

Where’s that top one from?

Monki :monkey:

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It’s cute! Will check it out, I’ve never ordered from Monki before but I know it’s a DiS fave

The sizing is usually pretty generous but i find the quality of some of their cotton clothing really bad so I’m hoping these last longer!

Got this jacket, had been looking at it online for a bit. It was discounted, then it was even more discounted so I ordered it about 50% off. Turned out a perfect fit, so I’m pleased. As if I didn’t have enough green jackets. I needed a light, hoodless one though. And it’s a brighter green than my green rain jacket, green puffy, green parka, green wool coat, green windbreaker, and 2 other green rain jackets. They all have hoods, too. Down with hoods, don’t use them most times anyway because if it’s raining, I’m wearing a hat in hopes of keeping my glasses dry.


This is v nice