Bought any good clothes recently? #clothesweek

My gf agrees. She had trouble finding something suitable for a wedding we went to last year so she went for Converse in the end :smile:

Have tried salt water sandals? They’re my go to wanna look dressed up but be comfortable

Viva Le cords! They look cool, I got some last year from Depop and they are perfect in autumn/ spring.

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I haven’t! They are nice but not sure they’d suit me.

Big fan of the uniqlo merino wool cardigan, have several on black. So versatile.

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Tbf, I have only ever gone with black, but that colour looks lovely.

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I have an XL and washed it too hot and now it’s an S. but i have another XL that I’ve washed properly so that’s fine

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Got this cardigan the other day. A Japanese brand called Beams who specialise in vaguely 50s stuff. Lots of v nice cardigans but very £££. This was a birthday present.


I want a new big winter coat. For winter.


Boight 2 plain colpired tshirts to wear to work in the post-shirt and trousers world

The varieties of socks you can get these days is stunning

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Has anybody got any winter clothes or anything?

I think they def would suit you… :heart_eyes:

I’m in the market for a new jumper. I’ll probably just order one from Gap since they seem to be half the price of everywhere else I seem to look