Bought anything nice for yourself lately, friends?


Well? Have you?


yes a guitar






don’t know what this means. by god you better not be mocking me lypsey


Was throwing the horns mate, keep on rocking, friend!


oh right I get it! It’s an acoustic tho


two watches and a guitar



Picked up the reissue of OK Computer earlier and ordered tickets for Dinosaur Jr in December.

Peak DiS.


ok, look I can’t get on board with this no matter how good hearted it’s meant as.

can i just talk more about my guitar? it’s got a venetian cutaway. No I didn’t know what that was either but it looks well nice


Is a venetian cutaway like venetian blinds but in a guitar?


It means nothing to me.

This really does not work in any way, shape or form.


viennese cutaway: this means nothing to me

Edit: sorry this is a stupid fucking post


When was the last time you had a Viennese Whirl?


had to google both of these to make sure I knew what they were. Whoever does the internet history snooping at my work is going to think I’m working my way through the V section of an encyclopedia

edit: wouldn’t be googling them if i had an encyclopedia would I you prick


what guitar m0?


Got a big framed print of this for the kitchen


Martin D28 m5+3


mmm yeah i tried a few martins before buying a taylor.