Bought some vitamin D


Went to Lloyds Pharmacy at first and the lad at the counter came out and said ‘can I help you?’

‘erm, vitamin D?’
‘vitamin D? what strength?’
‘err, just standard’
‘there is no standard! you need to have a blood test at the doctors to see if you’re deficient’
‘oh really? oh I didn’t realise’
‘it comes in different strengths so go and have a blood test’
‘okay, cheers, seeya’

and then I went to Sainsbury’s and bought 90 vitamin D tablets for £1.99


What strength?


What was the physical type of the pharmacist?


just drink some milk


25 micrograms


Is that standard?

  • Fat
  • Confident
  • Bespectacled

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Where’s the beard?


Do I have to do everything for you?