Boundary for being allowed to say "I cooked dinner"

If it goes from cold to hot it’s cooked. Made and cooked are two different things.

Still stands. Imagine if someone tried surprising you with beans on toast.

Depending on the context, it could be quite sweet.


You would if you spoke to me, mostly it’s a regional thing. I’d say I’m going out for dinner, but if I’m eating at home it’s tea.


This is not the bit of I was hoping would be focus of my post.

People just say made not cooked, which covers all the above.

If someone asked me round saying “I’m cooking pizza” and I arrived to find a sainsburys Hawaiian I would be very very disapointed

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You don’t get to make the rules in my thread sunshine

actually I take that back - I would be very happy to be invited round to dinner to eat anything right now TBH

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Big Grievey T gets it.

Is this because:
a) It has pineapple on
b) It’s from Sainsbos
c) Other, also wrong reason

Depends on the situation. If it’s a friend or spouse then it’s great. If it’s a date, not so much.

I posted the winky tongue out!

cos it’s oven ready

but I would be very grateful really

I did too, in my mind

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But no one would say that. They would say either ‘I’ll make pizzas’ or ‘I’ll get some pizzas in’ and you’d know exactly what they meant.

I agree! only a lunatic would say that - which is why I think making oven ready pizza is well outside the “cooking” boundary

just remembered the time an ex tempted be round hers cos she had “got pizza in”

It was a single Dr O Margarita between the 2 of us - don’t think I did a very good job of hiding my disappointment

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Is the pesto home made? Is the pasta?

God no, who has time for that?