Bounty chocolates are up there with the best

Good thing about Celebrations is when people leave them.

Ill have them, cheers


Dark Chocolate ones = Amazing
Milk Chocolate ones = Bad


Never had the dark chocco one

You should try one, my dear.

Maybe I will, maybe I won’t, only Smarties have the answer

Yeah, dark Bounty with a coffee is brilliant. Nice melted dark chocolate coffee goo mixture in your mouth.


Man, if Smarties are the answer, I ain’t got the question!

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Yeah pains me to say it but @The_Respected_User is actually correct here

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Milk choc Bounties are delicious, I couldn’t give a hoot about the dark version.

Both the milk choc and dark choc versions are very nice, thanks

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This really is a fantastic opinion, I love having it

I don’t really understand this opinion tbh

Oh, let me expand. I have a general opinion of preferring a dark chocolate version of a bar where they are available, however, I always also enjoy the milk chocolate version of the bars in question. However, when it comes to the Bounty, I love the dark chocolate version and regularly buy it but I actively don’t enjoy the milk chocolate version and would never even consider buying one in a shop. Happy to field further questions if you have them though

Oh right yeah see I understand preferring one over the other but I don’t understand why you’d actively dislike the milk chocolate one if you like the filling and you like milk chocolate

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It is a unique and fascinating discrepancy, I agree.


They’re the worst Celebration but I’ll still eat them.

Used to hate them actually but don’t mind them now.

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ITT: Scrutiny on the Bounty


Very clever post

like the film!


I consider the bounty, the bounty of the celebrations tin