Boursin Fan Club (No Tories)

man’s gone muting mad!

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I’ve never had Boursin but I know people who have.

Does it make you wonder if you should?


Creamy, Crumbly, Intense Cheese

My new tinder bio



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I like boursin

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I was gonna have a carbonara tonight. Should I put some Boursin on top?

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Two really surprising I’ve Never Heard of Popular Stuff’ers in this thread.


used to love it as a kid. probably not had it in 10+ years

I used to go out with the son of the president of Primula (y)

(I don’t like Primula though)


Boursin is so so so good. I don’t have it very often as I tend to eat it so quickly that I feel sick and can’t face it again for a good while.

My cheese choices growing up were limited to mild cheddar (mum) and a bit of vomit smelling blue cheese (dad). so I’m trying to make up for it but there’s still big gaps in the cheese I’ve had

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Most people get it from cows


People buying garlic and herb philadelphia when boursin exists arent to be trusted under any circumstances.

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Tesco have started selling these pretty bland Spanish omlette things. Yesterday i caked one in refried beans and Boursin as well, forgot about that. Ooooooft.

You constantly surprise and wow me. What a fucking claim to fame that is.


Never heard of Boursin before this thread. Proper Tory stuff I’ll assume.


Can’t believe boursin hasn’t made it across the Irish Sea. Lovely on a spud too

Bad, bad fibbing.

New to me as well, this.