Bowie's best since Scary Monsters!

Saw a recent Quietus article that claimed The Buddha of Suburbia was David Bowie’s best album in the period between Scary Monsters and Blackstar, but what do YOU think was the best release by our David in this oft-overlooked period???

  • Let’s Dance
  • Tonight
  • Never Let Me Down
  • Tin Machine
  • Tin Machine II
  • Black Tie White Noise
  • The Buddha Of Suburbia
  • Outside
  • Earthling
  • Hours
  • Heathen
  • Reality
  • The Next Day

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Buddha is a wonderful “hidden gem” of an album.

It’s Heathen by a distance in my view, but the Buddha of Suburbia album deserves attention as a hitherto underrated little curio. Personally I think some of the instrumentals on it have limited staying power but it’s an interesting record and more creative and experimental than he had been for some time.

Obviously the best half of Let’s Dance is amazing as well, and Reality is generally decent album. The Next Day is excellent too.

Also worth listening to is Toy, the unrealeased album (widely available online) made up of reworkings of some of his earliest songs. It fell by the wayside for various reasons at the time but it was an important part of the process that led to him making Heathen and is valuable and interesting in its own right too.

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Admittedly not listen to much of his 90s output… a bit scared too tbh. Heathen, Reality and especially The Next Day have very little faults. Then he totally destroyed with Blackstar (obvs)

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One favourites

We still need him


Always pleased to have an excuse to post this picture of pure bonhomie

Going through blackstar again recently, it’s so good.


Split between The Next Day and Let’s Dance. The 'high’s on both are very high indeed.

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Outside.1 for me.

Yeah the ‘concept’ is friggin’ nonsense and it’s at least 20 minutes too long but it’s ridiculously ambitious, and has got some of my all time favourite bowie tunes on it (hallo spaceboy, hearts filthy lesson, i’m deranged, no control). His voice is fucking great on it too. I’d take it over a few of his 70’s albums.


Outside. It’s phenomenal, toweringly ambitious, peak inventive Bowie and he clearly had a yearning to return to it in theme and sound going by the songwriting on The Next Day and Blackstar.


Some decent stuff on Earthling, Little Wonder is great. Not sure I’ve listened to it all though.

The Next Day is pretty great though could lose a couple of tracks. Very much ‘standard late-period Bowie’ compared to Blackstar only incredibly fresh and energised at times. Didn’t check it out for ages cos I found Where Are We Now? quite boring but some great stuff on there

Hard to say album wise, but in terms of individual tracks, Reality’s Bring Me The Disco King is genuinely one of the best things he ever did IMO


Outside, easily. I think it was my proper ‘first’ Bowie album that I loved, and it’s got some great songs on it (plus I was also a newly minted NIN fan when that came out which probably helped).

As someone else noted, it could use a little editing (and ditch the silly spoken word bits), but i’m sure I read somewhere that he was looking to go back to it before he died for a revisit.


Great song

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Think i read ‘Outside.1’ was supposed to be the first of a trilogy (hence the ‘1’ in the title’) but it’s unexpected success in the US forced a rethink and led to him making ‘earthling’ instead which, ‘little wonder’ and ‘telling lies’ aside, was a massive step down. Think he’d had a minor falling out with Eno over the mix of outside as well so not sure eno would have been back at that time.

Didn’t Eno reveal after bowie died that they were planning on revisiting the ‘outside’ project? So yeah it obviously meant a lot to bowie.

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‘The Heart’s Filthy Lesson’ so so good and i also love ‘Strangers When We Meet’. Although, ‘Strangers…’ doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the album.

The NME had a uncharacteristically good take on that track, from what I remember. They gave the album a pretty good review, and talked about how experimental it was and challenging in places. And then said the last track was basically just like Bowie going ‘Pop music? PFT! Easy…’

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its either outside, heathen or the next day. ive changed my vote multiple times now and have settled on outside

‘Everyone Says Hi’ on ‘Heathen’ always gives me a lump in my throat…lovely song.


It was originally on Buddha

None of them are really any good

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