Bowling for Soup

A pal posed this question on Instagram.

  • Bowling to support soup
  • Bowling to receive soup

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Interested to hear your views

Always thought it was the same as bowling for a pig.

Think these may be my most second hated band ever. Was hoping this would be a post saying they have applied to have their entire back catalogue eradicated from existence


Both songs?

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Hey they had that one where…errr… he had spiky hair?

Monster Magnet

  • A very large but otherwise normal magnet
  • A normal-sized magnet that attracts monsters

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Voted one but wish it was the other

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  • Milk you fight
  • Milk you drink to get in the mood for fighting
  • Beer euphemism
  • Something rude

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Ex Eye

  • A former eyeball/biological seeing thing
  • A former member of an organisation, e.g. the secret police in Handmaid’s Tale.

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