Fucking great innit. Easily the best of the standard group day out activities (shits all over paintball and go-karting).
Any bowling anecdotes?
Any bumper wankers?
Why’s the food and beer always terrible?
Has anyone here ever bowled a 200+ game?

Shit game for cunts.

Don’t think I impressed the “social secretary” in my old office by saying I was busy for the prospective dates for the office bowling trip before they’d proposed the actual dates.


Just ten pin for this thread or are you allowing lawn bowls in here too?

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if you play it after leaving primary school you need a word with yourself

no, full time!

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any bowling anecdotes you like, pal

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Better than the rest of the zany activities you can do whilst getting drunk like crazy golf and such
But not as good as karaoke

Crazy golf >>>>>>>> bowling

  • Bowling is good
  • Transparent contrarian bullshit

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I’ve set up a poll for you and TKC

Is this some sort of Scottish independence propaganda

We managed to convince school that going bowling counted for the 2 hours of PE we were supposed to do in sixth form. One time my mate Johnny started lashing the balls down the lanes, with a sort of side-on over-the-arm job, and bowled the best game I’ve ever witnessed in person. Can’t remember his total score, but he got 7 strikes in a row. I remember us all being intrigued by what the run would be called.

Got his name on the wall though.

They were simpler times.

Barefoot bowls isn’t just a thing for pensioners in Oz. They have barefoot bowls as a thing that people with their own teeth do. They just get smashed and bowl away till the sun goes down. There are more bowls clubs round here than I’ve ever known. Literally two different bowls club less than a ten minute walk from where I am right now. Imagine.

Enjoy it more than ten pin now, as it feels less repetitive and more skillful (I’m better at it).

Always been a fan of boules, personalement

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Think we can shut this shitshow down now?

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people in the know call it “Petanque”

says the guy at work who is in the know anyway

need at least one tale of personal injury at a bowling alley before we do

Course, it is “pentanque” from me.

its ok but ive got a gammy right wrist post-nye 2014(?) when i smashed dots’ fence up (im not telling this story again) so it hurts to bowl after a bit

fucking love a bowl. Went for my birthday a few years ago.